Zakynthos Navagio Beach


Heading east on the map of Greek islands you will find yourself at the Ionian Sea. Right there, southernmost, there is Zakynthos – the island of multiple names. Indeed, some call it Zante; some call it the Flower of the East due to its elegant character and over 7 000 species of flowers found here. Yet never mind how you call it – this place will enchant you and give you endless reasons to smile.

One would wonder whether there is something else to do on an island, than lying on the beach and swimming in the sea. Somehow the answer is not simple, for if you need to rest, and take advantage of the relaxing white beaches of Zakynthos, then there is nothing else you need to do. It’s turquoise green waters will calm you with their waves coming back and forth. Swimming, diving or just dipping your feet in it will give you the refreshing shiver and will keep you cool in the restless Greek sun.

These beaches with clean water and soft sand are island’s most representative areas but if you are interested in more active way to spend your time you won’t be disappointed. After a peaceful day at the beautiful beach, the intense nightlife will energize you as much as it is possible. The parties on the beach will make you feel as if you were a teenager again. Apart from the seaside area, in the inland you can find these lovely traditional villages with a mixture of different architectural styles and majestic monasteries. The views on Zakynthos are just as breathtaking as you would expect them to be. Being here is like one could imagine paradise: tranquility, beauty and great fun – nothing to add.

The National Marine Park: a mission to protect

The clean emerald waters of Zakynthos and its white beaches along the coast of Zakynthos serve as the breeding places for the endangered sea turtle caretta-caretta. These beautiful animals start their journey at the Libyan Sea in Spring and head towards Zakynthos beaches of Gerakas, Dafni, Kalamaki, Marathonis, and, especially, Sakani. Around these areas the National Marine Park was created in order to take care of the turtles at the moment when they lay their eggs. If ever you have a chance to see it, stay back and don’t disturb, it is a touching scene. It is as if the miracle of life was happening at your feet.

Another endangered species that Zakynthos and the National Marine Park is concerned about is the monachus monachus seal.

Bokhali – a discreet beauty

Charming town of Zante may give you the impression that you know what a beautiful Ionian town should look like. Yet, when going a little longer distance from the center of the town, you will bump into even more charming Bokhali. This part of the town will make you want to stay here. The amazing panoramic views of the harbor, Argassi and the Bay of Laganas will not only leave you speechless but also, it would be hard for you to take your eyes off the horizon. The picturesque alleys surrounded by traditional houses and cozy cafes. A little higher, you will find an old Venetian castle, covered in green.

Zakynthos Navagio Beach

This most famous place of the island is lying on the western side of it, close to Anafotiria village. Initially called Agios Georgios it changed its name to the Shipwreck cove after a boat transporting illegal cigarettes was washed ashore in 1983.

Truly cinematographic scenery appears with the shipwreck emerging from the sand between the white vertical cliffs and the emerald crystalline waters of the bay.

Once in a Blue Cave

On the West coast of the island one can find a wild area particularly stunning. Along the coast around Volimes, a number of caves are accessible by the sea. They name of Blue Caves was attributed to them due to the marvelous reflection of turquoise waters they provide.