Beach Livadia Tilos

The island of Tilos is a tiny little Dodecanese piece of land where you can feel like home in less than 10 minutes after your arrival. Hospitality and sensibility of Tilos’ inhabitants makes you fall in love with them, and with the island itself. The atmosphere around here is heartwarming and almost familiar. One may assume that this loving attitude is the reason why the uncountable herbs and flowers germinate at Tilos and numerous species of rare birds pay it a visit as if it was their long-gone friend.

The stay at Tilos makes you respectful of the nature and gives you a chance to fully relax, for it is not a big touristic pole and the hiking paths, just as the seaside, are not too crowded. It is a perfect destination for those who value privacy and calm.

Beaches and bays

The shore of the Agios Antonios Beach is the longest of Tilos. Its distinctive palms, salt cedars and a chapel, make the place really special and unique.

Inside the same bay, the Plaka beach astonishes its visitors with peacocks going for a walk around people lying down and sunbathing. This beach has some undisclosed powers, for the peacocks are not the only unusual phenomena you may observe around here.

The most popular beach on Tilos is the sandiest one – the Eristos beach. No wonder, in this rocky and rough landscape, one can hardly hope for golden sand under his feet. The most important fact not to forget is that, after all, it is possible to find such a spot.

Mikro Horio – ghost village

The town of Mikro Horio used to be a quite dynamic center of the island. Nowadays, people refer to it as to the ghost village. In fact, during the Second World War its inhabitants abandoned the sight situated on the hills above Livadia, leaving it empty and solitary. Although the town didn’t completely fall into pieces and we can still admire its high-level town planning and the beauty of some remaining buildings.

A great idea is to visit the village by night, staying at the only open bar and admiring the sky full of stars. The calm and the thrill cross in your soul, for the beauty and the emptiness of the village are somewhat paradoxical when experienced at night.

Livadia – touristic heart of Tilos

Livadia is a port village where most of the island’s accommodations, taverns and mini-markets set up. Some say that it represents the real touristic capital of the island, with its lovely organized beach and seaside cafeterias. It spreads all the way to Agios Stefanos, thus giving you a lot of space to set your towels for the sunny day. Pebbles, salt cedars and crystal clear waters are the trademark of the Livadia beach. It is interesting to note that Livadia was the main destination of those who once lived in Mikro Horio.

Megalo Horio – the town full of history

The capital of the island, Megalo Horio, gives you a glimpse of the Aegean architecture. The town is an important sight, not only from the aesthetic point of view, but especially from the cultural point of view.

The main attraction of the town is the paleontological museum hosting the remains of the last European elephants. They were called the dwarf elephants and they probably lived at this area until the 3 AD. Their bones were found at the archaeological site of the Cave of Harkadio.

Another must-see sites are the church of Taxiarhis and the Castle of the Knights. The first one is worth noticing for its outstanding crossed domes; meanwhile the second one offers a stunning view. Despite the rough path leading to the top, you definitely will not regret it.