Skyros rock home

Skyros is the least known among the Sporades Islands, yet this doesn’t affect in any way the quality of touristic facilities or accommodation. On the other hand, the lesser number of tourists visiting it makes it a peaceful place with many unspoilt areas with fewer touristic attractions.

Spending your holiday here is like giving yourself extra years of life. Relaxing atmosphere and clear blue waters can make you forget the world existing outside of the island. The vivid culture, traditions and a mix of architecture will enchant you and give you always new places to discover.

The tranquility of the island and the lack of mass tourism make it a place of total liberty. Monasteries on the hilltops, many ancient wrecks at the bottom of the sea and secluded beaches along the coast will make your heart stop in admiration more than once. Hiking is great way to explore Skyros for many of its charms are hidden in the lush greenery of the pine trees, or in the deep blue of the Aegean Sea.

After days spent in the sun, the most chilling activity is to spend your night at the traditional tavern with a great view on the sea, and delicious food and drinks. The feeling of peace that fills you up with every second is incomparable to anything you know.

Pony of Skyros – discovery comes easier than you thought

If you are not that much a hiking fan but still, you would like to discover the insights of the island with its hidden treasures, there is a way to do it. A few Skyros’ farms organize horse-riding trips but you can also see the Lilliputian ponies of Skyros. These lovely animals are typical of the island for this breed can only be found here, where they were introduced in the 8th century BC. They are famous for their endurance and are said to have taken part in Alexander the Great’s conquests and the travel to Asia. The ponies of Skyros are valued and loved by the natives, there is no wonder why – they are lovely and devoted animals.

Kastro and Saint George Monastery – visiting the capital town

Hora – the main town of Skyros is easily recognizable with its whitewashed, almost Cycladic-like houses and narrow meandering streets. The Byzantine fortress (Kastro) with some Venetian trimmings built over the ancient acropolis crowns the town and is visible from a long distance. From there one can reach the church of Agia Triada, hosting some fine frescoes, as well as the monastery of Agios Georgis (Saint George Monastery) founded in 962 AD.

The city itself tempts you with its cheerful taverns and numerous bars and cafes. The smells of Jasmine, and local beverages and delicacies makes you want to stay longer. If you get to see the interior of one of Skyrian houses you will be able to admire the local design – colorful ceramics and local carved wooden furniture.

Besides beautiful architecture and old edifices, Hora is a place where cultures meet, and where the harmony between human and natural heritage is the main rule.

The ancient past

Skyros is a place of many historical wonders for it not only remembers the Early Helladic Period and the Roman times, but also the Cyclopean and Byzantine periods. Many of the excavations can be found in the Archaeological Museum, others in the Manos and Anastasia Faltaits Folk Art Museum and others simply around the island. A perfect example is the watchtower from the ancient Pelasgian wall of the island – the Palaiopyrgos.

Magazia Beach

Skyros doesn’t lack in beaches, there are plenty of splendid places to dip in but the one, considered as the most romantic and picturesque is the Magazia Beach where the rising of the full moon is quite a spectacular phenomena. A charming evening at the moonlight can get even better if you choose to spend it in one of the seaside taverns.