skopelos beach


Some Greek Islands seem to be so wild you wouldn’t find any greenery on their white rocky surface. One may imagine that all islands are such a raw and inhospitable environment of stones and sand, yet surprises are as common as sunny days on the Aegean Sea. One of these exceptions is Skopelos – the vivid green island.

In fact, coming on Skopelos you will find yourself diving in the lush green pine forests, gently whispering the message of the wind. Wandering around the island gives an impression of eternal peace, harmony and great entertainment at the same time. Romantic walks in this shady area are more than recommended, so that magic can strike you in the heart. The advantage is that you can’t get too hot and you won’t have to worry about the sunburns.

Skopelos is also an ideal place for families for it offers many different activities and exotic safe beaches of all kinds. Parents can have time for themselves and truly rest in Skopelos’ convenient conditions. On the other hand, kids won’t get bored and have opportunity to meet the youngsters from all over the world.

One may say that it is not all about the nature, so it seems necessary to mention the unique style of island’s architecture. Villages like Skopelos the Town (Hora) and Glossa will enchant you with their sea views and cheerful atmosphere in traditional taverns. If you are looking for some more precise sightseeing spots there is also something for you. You can make a trip in the surroundings of the Town, where you will find numerous Byzantine monasteries. These imposing and old edifices will make you feel very small in front of them. Don’t forget to make photos, for the views at the Aegean are just stunning!

Agios Ioannis Kastri – the fame of the island

Probably the most picturesque and for sure the most famous one is the sight of the Agios Ioannis Kastri. This little church stands on top of a rock, linked to the rest of the island through a narrow path made with steps carved into the stone.

According to the local stories, Agios Ioannis Kastri was a small castle standing on the edge of the island in order to protect it from pirates and enemy invasions. In fact, the name of the church in direct translation means Saint John on the Castle. Eventually, there might be a lot of truth in common folk tales.

This magical sight and the tiny beach underneath it get quite crowded during summer since the Hollywood production Mamma Mia was filmed there. Many fans of the film come here to see the chapel, where the wedding scenes were shot; meanwhile more and more romantic couples want to get married in the very same place.


Ayios Riyinos – fantastic and legendary

Skopelos is an island of many stories. Starting with Greek mythology and ending with pirate stories. While following dirt tracks around Stafylos you may bump into an impressive cliff sinking to the sea. Locals call it Drakonstosxisma, which means the Dragon cleft. According to the legend, 800 years ago the area suffered from terrible attacks of the dragon. If it wasn’t for the patron of the island, Ayios Riyinos, and the magical circumstances, the island would be destroyed and the all inhabitants killed by the beast. This local hero was said to chase the dragon, when a cleft opened up in the mountainside making the dragon fall into it and die.

Today visitors can admire this beautiful gorge surrounded by the turquoise waters of the sea. The picture wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the solitary church built almost at the edge of the cliff. If you find it unbelievable, you should go and see this amazing spot. The view makes all stories come alive and let you plunge in your imagination.