skiathos fishermans boat

Imagine an island where beaches are vast and idyllic; where you can have fun, relax or stay active during your stay, an island where the sun is shining without making you faint. One may wonder if such island even exists, but I assure you it does! You can call it paradise, but locals simply call it Skiathos.

Coming to Skiathos is a great opportunity for you to get a first quality service combined with vivid nightlife and idyllic beaches. This is the island where all cosmopolitan, international tourists meet and share great moments of relax. The distinctive vibe and amazing picture-perfect spots will make you want to stay longer to fully take advantage of everything that is at the reach of your hand on Skiathos.

People attracted to this Sporades’ island are mostly young people, looking for delicious food, stylish restaurants and unparalleled beauty of surrounding nature. All these needs are satisfied with excess. Clean blue and green water becomes one with lush green forests giving you two kinds of beauty. You can experience the island’s bloom in every possible way.

Sport activities are organized at the seaside and in the inland to suit everyone. The same rule applies to the city-dwellers: frenetic parties happen on the beach, just as much as in the Hora town – island’s nightlife center. Although, if you are less into big crowded parties Skiathos has a great number of chic restaurants on the waterfront you can’t miss it! The food and the views are unforgettable!

Skiathos town – Hora and it’s fortress

Welcoming you with solitary ruins of a 13th-century Venetian fortress of Bourtzi the port of Hora is full of wonders. Before you get to the picturesque harbor, you should go visit the pine-tree islet where Bourtzi used to stand tall. The sunsets from here are the most romantic view you can find on the island.

Lalaria Beach – one in a million beaches

Skiathos is truly an island of beaches with 60 different ones to choose from. The most exotic and unique beach surrounded by steep white cliffs and impressive rock formations. The blue turquoise waters make a contrast with round white pebbles of the Lalaria beach, thus making it a picturesque sight you would like to keep in your memory forever. The particularity of Lalaria is that it is only accessible from the sea, just as sea caves located just before it.

Kastro – the remains of old times

As an isolated castle situated on the northern part of Skiathos, Kastro reminds of times when Skiathians needed to protect themselves from the pirates ruling the waters of the Aegean. This 14th century edifice spreads a noble aura and confirms the splendor of Skiathos.

Sport activities in every environment

The offer of activities on Skiathos is quite impressive, for you can choose your favorite conditions: forest, beach, water, or underwater. You can even choose between seawater and sweet water for the island has lakes hidden in its inland.

The most popular activity remains scuba diving. In fact, in the marine surroundings of Skiathos you can explore colorful reefs and fascinating sea caves (Pounta, Fonissa and Altanous). Diving trips are also organized to close uninhabited islands or to the neighboring coasts of Pelion. Sports such as paragliding, waterski and others are proposed by watersports centers, which popped out on many Skiathos’ beaches.

If you would like to get out of the water you should consider following one of old pathways crossing the island. Hiking in this area is full of surprises and wild charms. Indeed, you can reach secluded beaches and old monasteries where the breath taking views and pristine charms will unfold before you. Please note that the island offers about 25 197-kilometer long walking routes and trails, which is quite impressive. Don’t let it pass you by, try at least one!