samos-greece beautiful bay

SamosIf ever you imagined Greek islands as solitary lands made of white rocky hills and sandy stone agoras, then Samos will make your eyes open wide. This green area is mostly covered by pine forests, vineyards, olive and citrus groves. Even in its greenery Samos keeps on diversifying its attractions. Staying on this island will give you a chance to relax the way you always wanted to, surrounded by untouched mountain villages, amazing historical treasures and mystical stories of people and ancient gods. To fulfill your peaceful happiness you can also try local famous wines and delicious local foods. It is like heaven but way much more accessible. It may explain why it is considered to be the birthplace of Hera, goddess of marriage and women, the queen of Olympus.

The mystical spirit of the island strikes you in the eyes with all these beautiful and relaxing sites but your mind can do nothing but follow when you get on the footsteps of ancient philosophers and scientists. In fact, Samos used to be the place of great splendor of the Ionian civilization and a cradle of famous minds of the Ancient culture. Those looking for inspiration have great chances to have a revelation in this enchanting area of green hills, mountainous villages or lovely bays. It seems like a perfect place for all great thinkers, artists and nature lovers.

However, what would a great mind be without a healthy body? The East Aegean is a wonderful place for water sports, cycling and hiking. Panoramic views that you meet on the Samos’ trails are unforgettable and incomparable to anything you have ever seen until your arrival at this picturesque island.

The centuries of cultural heritage

Samos may be considered as a real treasure island for archaeologists and any history lover, for the centuries of being the cultural and intellectual center of the Ionian civilization has left its traces and transformed the island in multiple ways.

A visit to the Ancient Theatre, Roman Baths and the impressive tunnel of Eupalinos, built in only 10 days prove of the island’s prestige in the Antiquity. The old part of Samos’ main port-town is filled with lovely two-storey houses with personalized features in the neoclassical style. Wonderful architecture, like imposing stone staircase, enclosed balconies and carved wooden doors, is typical of Anatolia. An absolute must-see is the Temple of Hera at the settlement of Heraion, dedicated exclusively to the goddess.

The cradle of the intellectuals

The cultural heritage goes beyond the Ancient Greece. The proximity of Asia Minor has surely made the difference in the development of Samos’ splendor. Even today, the island remains a bridge between the two cultures. This kind of environment and spirit forged its legends born or simply hosted at Samos: the father of mathematics, Pythagoras, the philosopher Epicurus, the historians Herodotus and Aesop.

At the foothills of Mount Kerketea you may find the cave, which Pythagoras was said to use as a sanctuary to contemplate philosophical issues. It is a long way down the stairs but the view from the entrance of the cave is just stunning.

Wandering among Samos’ wonders

The virgin landscape made of color and light is a perfect place for magnificent hikes. Mount Kerkis and Mount Ambelos are the most impressive ones but many caves and canyons hide in the green of Samos’ forests. Mountain villages are a great place for a relaxing break after climbing up the peaks. The splendid views unfold underneath them and give you a glimpse of what the island’s reputation is all about. The area from Potami to Mikro and Megalo Seitani are the idyllic holiday settings.