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Old castle Nisyros greeceNisyros is an island of great splendor and natural wealth. This Dodecanese island is a secret jewel of the Aegean. It gives you perfect privacy and tranquility during your stay, for it is not the main touristic destination among the Greece Islands. Staying here is an interesting alternative to the overcrowded Santorini. The island will move you with its raw and virgin beauty: moonlike landscapes around the active volcano and villages with white two-storeyed houses with wooden balconies. The typical, cozy white-and-blue style of villages combined with moonscape of the craters makes it a confusing destination.

Around here you can feel both: the thrill of a close eruption and the homelike atmosphere of villages and beaches. Even in the most relaxing moment of your stay you may feel the imposing mystical presence of the volcano making you more respectful of it than you have ever been. The attitude of locals also confirms that living on the edge of a volcano, unsure of your closest future, changes the way you see the world.

However, the island is not all about the volcano. Hiking around Nisyros is a delightful way to spend your time. It is not crowded, the environment is unspoilt and clean, and you can visit charming monasteries and churches hidden in the inland. You may even find yourself in a ghost town – it doesn’t happen everyday.

The beaches around Nisyros are also ideal for windsurfing and snorkeling. Beauty is in every part of the island. Moreover, local traditions, food and architecture will make your eyes open wide. In other words, a visit to Nisyros is a travel through the magical world of the unknown.

The active volcano of Nisyros – the youngest in Greece

An active volcano has always been an impressive and tempting destination for those who don’t live in a volcanic area. If you think about it, not that often you have the opportunity to visit one, especially as young one as the one at Nisyros. In fact, the Nisyros’ volcano is only 160 000 years old, what makes him the youngest in Greece. The last eruption took place in 1888, shaping the island’s landscape and creating more lunar like views.

Located in the center of the island, the volcano opens up into 3 main craters called familiarly Stephanos, Alexandros and Polyvotis. This easy way to approach the craters shows to what extent the locals consider the volcano as a regular inhabitant of the island.

One may suppose that with such a phenomenon as an active volcano must come some fascinating stories about its origins. It is actually a great guess! Many stories and hypothesis refer to the volcano, yet the most important and relevant one comes from the Greek mythology. According to it, Nisyros was created during the war between the Gods and Giants. The God of the Oceans Poseidon is said to have sank the Giant Polyvotis with a piece of land he tore off the Kos island. This makes it an inspiring and very Greek island with a bucket full of supplementary qualities.

There is even a volcanological museum in Nikia. It offers a breathtaking view from the edge of caldera. It is a great place for anyone wanting to know more about the volcanic activity of the area.

Nikia – town and its charming Porta

The Porta Square is the main square of the Nikeia, decorated with amazing mosaic flooring. Just above this famous square you may admire the beautiful, if not the most beautiful, church of the Aegean.

Avlaki thermal springs

The thermal spas are equipped with water in the temperature of the body, or a little higher. The water comes from real vivid springs of the island; meanwhile the rheumatisms, arthritis, skin infections and others are health problems usually solved by sulfuric hot water.