Milos klima sailing greece

You may think that every Greek island is overcrowded and a summer destination much too popular for you to join the flock. Nevertheless, it is far from being true. You can easily avoid the crowds without missing any of the experiences one may seek on a Greek island.

Milos, situated in the Western Cyclades Island chain is one of the undiscovered gems of the Aegean offering all that it has best: breathtaking beaches, a rich history, delicious food and typical white-washed towns. This is also the place marked by the discovery of the famous Aphrodite of Milos and abundant in pirate stories. Once you are here, the scenic multicolored rocks and beaches will make you lose your senses. The concept of beauty as you know it will no longer exist. The spectacle becomes even more impressive when you stay on the beach to see the sunset. These views can move the very soul of every individual; even the most down-to-earth person would stand paralyzed by the infinite beauty experienced on the island.

Never mind whether you came here seeking knowledge, sport activities, tranquility and relax or just to admire the natural wonders of the island; you won’t leave Milos unsatisfied. It is possible though that you will leave it enriched and surprised for everything here goes beyond our imagination.

Pirates’ bay

Milos is said to be the island where the Middle Ages pirates had their hideouts. In fact, in Kleftiko, Papafragas, Sarakiniko, Katergo and maybe in other places too, you can see pirates’ bollards sculpted on the rocks just next to the caves and beside the crystal clear water. For more stories from this time don’t bother to ask the natives, they will always be happy to make the island’s legends alive again.

Explore the unexplored

Milos is not only an island of easily found charms but also a place of many hidden treasures. There are those hidden on the surface, like sirmata – the cave like structures that used to store boats, but became holiday homes by now. You can find this kind of boat garages in the ground floor of houses in the fishing village of Klima and in the Little Venice, where the port of Ancient Milos used to stand. The latter is also one of the most unique towns in the Cyclades with the 35 sirmata in a row.

If you are curious and you adore swimming, you should go scuba diving for the sea bottom around Milos is rich in reefs and old wrecks. Who knows what kind of pirate treasure you might find. Some diving centers even organize diving trips in close uninhabited islets.

However, if you are not that much into water activities, there is also an alternative – the jeep touring in the inland of Milos. On this odd journey across the dirt roads you may happen upon secluded beaches, abandoned mines and churches to finish on the mountaintops looking down at the Aegean Sea and admiring the hairdressing panorama.

Inspiring past forever alive

Milos is highly marked by the past. The amazing rock formations like the one in Kleftiko or Sarakiniko, the hot springs at Paleohori Beach and the incredible blue sulfuric water at Papafragas are only a few of examples of how the volcanic past of Milos creates its charm. At the same time, the capital Plaka was built from the ancient stones coming from the castle situated high up the hill next to it. The panoramic view from the courtyard of Panagias Thalassitra will make your heart rate accelerate meanwhile the ruins of the castle will make you thoughtful.

If you are more interested in Milos’ historical treasures and stories it also offers many museums with very rich exhibitions. The other places to give you the idea of the civilization on Milos are the Filakopi prehistoric settlement and the catacombs.