Dimitris wineyard Lipsi Greece

The mythical island of the witch Calypso is a captivating site among the Dodecanese Islands. The island itself, as much as the twenty-four islets embracing it, is a paradisiac destination for the curious visitors. Spending a day on the island is enough to fall in love with it. No matter for what reasons you have chose Lipsi as your holidays destination, but it is certain that you will need much more good excuses to leave it.

Lipsi is a magnet for trekkers, free campers and those looking for a relaxing spot where you are free to do anything you want to. When coming on Lipsi you feel like going out of the prison, the prison of everyday life, work, expectations and others. The free spirit of Lipsi also attracts many rare animal species such as the monachus-monachus seal, sea turtles, Eleonora’s falcons, or the herring gulls.

The waters around Lipsi are calm and crystal clear, so diving and swimming in them is a natural reaction, even if you are not a real water fan. The seabed around the island, and secluded beaches are more than inviting.

The harmony between nature and humanity is literally palpable. The regular whispering of the sea, the rich flora and fauna coexisting with locals in a peaceful environment make you feel that you can be become a part of the island. If its spirit overcomes you, maybe a dolphin will join you in your water escapades.

The noteworthy thing is the generous nature of the locals and their respect of tradition. You can see how authentic they are by trying one of their local delicious recipes or the famous sweet wine, and traditional ouzo. Their kindness will make you find a convivial group of friends with whom you will end up talking and drinking at the harbor until dawn.

Katsadia Beach

Beaches on little island of Lipsi have nothing to be ashamed of in front of their sisters at the Aegean Sea. One may even say they have something others can only dream of – the peace and the unspoilt nature. Crystal turquoise waters splash at the sandy and pebbly beaches making it a beautiful spectacle itself.

Most of the beaches are unorganized making it a perfect place for trekkers, free campers and those looking for privacy. The atmosphere at the seaside is pretty secluded and gives you a complete freedom. Swimming, diving, and fishing in the clear waters of the Aegean will be a real delight.

Aravis and Ano Kimisi hike

Due to its lack of the mass tourism, Lipsi is an ideal place for hikers. Many wonderful paved footpaths cross the island, and there is no risk of overcrowding. The serenity and the raw nature of the landscape makes you wander for hours. In fact, there are never enough beautiful views to capture on a photograph or in your mind. Any beauty-seeker will admit that the road to the temple of Ano Kimisi, or the Aravis hike is a never-ending source of breathtaking panoramas and hidden treasures. Especially the Aravis mill, located on the highest point of the main village (Hora) is an ultimate must-hike. Try watching the sunset from there and you will start thinking about moving here.

Wine Festival

The island of Lipsi is marked by a strong winemaking tradition. Once you have tried it you cannot disagree that the sweet wine produced here is one of a kind. During summer, locals organize lively feasts and incredible wine festivals in order to share what they think they have best. Traditional songs and dances often animate the festivities so prepare to have fun and discover more than just the wine. However, if you are not lucky enough to participate in such an event, don’t worry. You will still have many occasions to taste local wine, for the generous Lipsians will offer you a glass or two at any time.