Leros windmills

Are you looking for an island of great history, mystical and inspiring? Or maybe you prefer an island with crystal beautiful beaches? On Leros you can have both, and more.

This small island is full of wonders and sights you cannot miss. Walking across it is like reading pages of history leading you to imagine how Leros evolved and became what it is today. The views from lovely seaside villages and the relaxing atmosphere are true energy-boosters for anyone staying here. You will see the change it made in you already in the first days of your stay. The entire holidays will be the perfect tonic for your soul and your body.

Leros is a surprising little island where everything seems to match. There is something for every kind of traveler – a history lover, a beauty-seeker, a foodie, and a curious explorer. Lovely traditional towns give you the opportunity to chill out drinking coffee in a cozy spot with a perfect view on the picturesque area of Leros.

The harmony between the towns, the nature, and the historical past gives you the impression that the island is clinched between time and space. It feels as if all dimensions came together and has coexisted peacefully for centuries now. You can almost hear the whispers of the Ancient goddess Artemis hunting deer in Leros’ forests. Hidden bays, hills, pine-tree forests, olive groves, and the plain areas of water springs will make you leave a part of your soul on this Dodecanese Island.

Castle of Panagia – Virgin Mary queen of the island

An important sight is the castle towering up the northeast coast of the island. This imposing building is overlooking the capital of Leros, just as it is supposed to look over the entire region. Indeed, the castle is considered as the protector of the Aegean, from Patmos and Kalymnos to the coast of Asia Minor. The role was assigned to this edifice already in its beginnings, after donating it to the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos.

On the west side of the castle the church of Virgin Mary stands stately, with a beautiful icon and fine wall paintings to be admired.

The Castle gives a mesmerizing view to the above mountainous landscape, the sea and the villages. Of course, to reach it you have to make an effort for you have to climb all the way up to the Apitiki hill’s top.

Bellenis Tower – learn more about Leros

One could call it the museum tower, for this stone edifice of 1925 houses the Historical Museum, the Folklore Museum, the Press Museum and the Municipal Art Gallery and Library.

Other museum worth visiting is the War Museum organized in the original Second World War tunnel built by Italians. You can there admire a great number of exhibits in a very special atmosphere making you dive into the time of war. Indeed, the underground environment empowers the, already powerful, visit.

Take your taste buds on vacation

The cultural side of Leros is quite important. The local cuisine is based on the freshest fish, delicious local meat and herbs from the fields, so you cannot say it comes from anywhere else. Local specialties are made with local ingredients. Make sure you try patsavouropita, the local Greek yoghurt cake, and the local beverage gavafa, if you are a brave enough.

Agia Marina – the dream harbor

The second most important port of the island, this picturesque village of Agia Marina is a great place to spend a day. An idyllic, romantic harbor gives you the impression you are somewhere in a far away land, living a life out of a fairytale. One of the main trademarks of Agia Marina is the traditional windmill, standing proudly at the entrance of a large bay.

This village of ochre and terracotta residences and traditional Greek houses seem to worship the Castle of Panagia built on the top of the hill Apitiki and dominating the coastline.