lefkada beach

If you imagine an island you probably see a little piece of land surrounded by white sand coast, palm trees and blue turquoise water. What don’t imagine is the green, rocky inland and great watersport centers on every beach. It can get even better on Lefkada, for the vast exotic beaches, bays and cliffs that swoop into the sea are beyond anyone’s imagination. Don’t believe it? Go and check, you won’t be disappointed.

In fact, Lefkada beaches are world-known for the cleanliness and quality. When you come here you feel like staying on soft sand and swimming is the only thing you want to do. No matter how active or fit you are, a great number of activities will make you want to try at least one. Relaxing atmosphere and great people will make you feel like holidays can last forever. The island is so lively and hospitable that your first days will be energizing and for the rest of your stay you won’t run off the opportunities to stay active.

If you are not that much a sport maniac, you shouldn’t worry either. Amazing restaurants on water, fascinating culture full of great cuisine and local feasts will keep you busy. Not to forget beautiful villages, where you will not only get surprised by local architecture but also inspired by legends related to places like Cape Lefkata. You may easily fall in love with these narrow streets, lively sidewalks, squares and imposing churches. Colorful and idyllic fisherman villages will make you want to change your lifestyle. This charming area of Lefkada will stay unforgettable and difficult to compare with places you know. Beauty of the island strikes you and gives you a better image of the world. A trip to Lefkada is ideal for those who lost their faith in humanity and need to turn over a new leaf.

Aghia Mavra fort – strong and picturesque

In a lovely town of Lefkada one may find a beautiful lagoon, protected for its international importance and plenty of architectural treasures. The main one is the Agia Mavra fort, dating back to the 14th century. It was constructed by a Sicilian and stands at the entrance of the town. Lefkada is also a magical place for all book lovers for the Public Library presents a wide collection of printed documents and post-Byzantine icons, meanwhile the Charamogleios Eidiki Lfkadiaki Library houses rare books, gravures and maps. The library’s collection has been included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Dimosari waterfalls

During your hiking, cycling excursions to the inland you may happen upon an incredible place – the Dimosari waterfalls. On the outskirts of Nydri this gorgeous cascading waterfall ends up into a gorge replete with white rocks. The name of Dimossari comes from the ancient state of Dimos, known for its numerous watermills. In summer, when the temperature in the lush green inland gets really hot, tourists like to come for a swim in the lakes found among the rocky contours. It can be a great alternative to the refreshment in the salty waters of the Ionian Sea.

Beach and sports paradise

Lefkada is renowned for its quality beaches with crystal clear turquoise water. Among the most important are Egremni, Vasiliki, Al Gianni, Myli and Porto Katsiki. Each one of them is unique and offers windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing or paragliding activities. It is definitely an unforgettable experience in these cleansing waters.

Aghios Nikitas – clean and calm

Among Lefkada’s remarkable settlements you will find a charming marina with no cars allowed. This village is made of traditional fish taverns, cozy cages and lively bars on the water. Aghios Nikitas is the proof that noise from motor vehicles can be replaced by human laughter.