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Small, charmingly lush Kalymnos is a genuine adventurer’s destination. This compact Greek island, nestled among turquoise waters of Aegean Sea, is just perfect for outdoor-oriented travelers at any age. With its gorgeous mountains, towering to the sky, calm beaches, hidden bays and unexpectedly fertile flora, Kalymnos is a gift of the sea made only for you. Especially, if you are an aspiring rock climber or devout diver!

What to see in Kalymnos?

Esperidon Fjord
If you are thinking what to see in Kalymnos, the answer is quite simple: the spectacular nature. Start with short visit to the deep and wonderful Esperidon Fjord – the island’s highlight. Surrounded by seducing aromas of tangerine and orange trees, if offers breath-taking views of its barren cliffs falling straight to the sea. Often called as the most beautiful fjord in Greece, it simply cannot be omitted.

Telendos Island
Magical Telendos is another highlight to see – small islet separated from the main island by powerful earthquake in 554 AD is today a true paradise. Vehicle-free, calm and as picturesque as it may be, it has some of the most charming ruins i the area to see, as well as some of the oldest churches to admire. One should certainly visit here the Agios Vasilios – the early Christian basilica, tucked below 450 meters high mountain, that dominates Telendos’ landscape. Quiet and calm waters of Hohlakas beach allows to relax and finish your day with spectacular sunset views.

There is so many things to see in Kalymnos – and so much to love, especially if you are keen on the outdoors. Quiet, pebbled beaches in Myrties resort boosts with kefi – the unique, typically Greek way to enjoy your life. Uncrowded and popular among tourists at any age, they offer perfect sense of privacy. Nestled among lush olive forests, they also provide you with free aromatherapy! If you are looking forward to exploring rocky shores of the island, head to Massouri beach, where you can jump the canoe and meet your water adventure.

Climb&Dive – experience Kalymnos’ outdoors

Most of the water attractions are hidden beneath the surface. So why not join a team of sponge divers and meet the sea kingdom during exhilarating scuba diving trip? Meandering among colorful reefs, wrecks and volcanoes in search for multishaped sponges is this island’s ultimate adventure – do not miss your chance to enjoy it! Just like ages ago, you may explore the sea bed in search for sponges that are island’s most precious and valuable treasure. If you are looking for the best diving in Kalymnos, head to Telendos, Nera or Pserinos – their diving spots guarantee astonishing visibility – over 30 meters!

Another Kalymnos adventure, which attracts travelers from all continents, is world-class climbing. Since the island landscape is dominated by barren rocky slopes, vertical cliffs and deep grottoes, climbing here is simply mind-bending. You’ll find here over 1,700 routes, perfect for both newborn and experienced. Moreover, the climbing areas’ in Kalymnos were discovered in late 90s – so their pristine beauty remains still intact. If you’d rather admire climbers from below, you’ll fall in love with fantastic rock shapes and surrounding pine forests. To see top climbers demonstrating their skills, visit the annual Climbing Festival and embrace the specific ambiance of climbing world and, perhaps, challenge your stamina while conquering the easier routes.

Kalymnos food: simple and mouthwatering

Food is so important in Greece – so why not indulge yourself and dive into the world of Kalymnos’ delicious cuisine? Local dishes are simple and austere – yet still so mouthwatering! Do not miss the opportunity to try Mououri – lamb stuffed with rice, fylla – delicious stuffed vine leaves and, of course, famous octopus dipped in strong ouzo, which will make you dizzy and happy at same time.

Kalymnos is perfect Greek island. Its pristine nature surrounds you everywhere; its fascinating smells of blooming tangerine trees give you free aromatherapy; its relaxing quiet beaches allow you to escape everyday sorrows – and outdoor possibilities release your adventurer’s spirit.

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