hydra sailing greece

Tired of the city? Wishing to spend a calm holiday far from the traffic jams, and people continuously honking and screaming at each other? Well, then all you need to do is travel to Hydra – a perfect place to relax and let go all of the stress one accumulates at work.

The feeling that overcomes you on this island is the tranquility. Very often, while you are here you get the chance to make peace with yourself and with nature. It is a renewing experience, like charging your batteries or taking a shower after a long day. The main difference is that the shower you take is in crystal clean water of the Saronic Gulf and it lasts more than 30 minutes.

While walking across the island you may find yourself admiring the particularity of Hydra’s architecture. The classic stone paved streets lead you between the original 19th century mansions. Although the walls of buildings are not of usual snow-white color, these houses built in ochre and grey stone are surprisingly original of this area. They definitely bring some fresh air among the islands of the Aegean, so if you have travelled to other islands you still have a lot to see on Hydra. Besides, charming and colorful towns create perfect scenery for a romantic sunset and believe me: seen from Hydra it is a remarkable spectacle.

Kaminia Village – calm and traditional

The village built on the slope of the mountain range of Ere unfolds into the peaceful fishermen harbor. If you are less into touristic attractions you should spend the most of your time around here. It is just as scenic and charming as the capital, but much more quiet. Another asset is the atmosphere of little taverns and cafeterias serving an excellent fresh fish.

The Kaminia Beach nearby provides you with a safe and beautiful place for parents with children, but not only. Other popular beaches are Hydronetta, Vlichos and Bisti. At some of them you can go on a scuba diving trip to discover underwater caves and reefs.

Hiking paradise

At your arrival you will notice the calm ruling the island and the fact that no car or other motor vehicle is passing by. In fact, on Hydra the only possible means of transport are your feet, donkeys and boats. There are also plenty of trekking paths across the mountainous landscape, leading to monasteries and picturesque views from the hilltops. The surrounding islands look much smaller and insignificant from here. The pathways give you a lot of liberty, and starting from the capital of the island you can go literally anywhere. If you were to describe it in two words you would probably use the expression “hiking paradise”.

Hydra Town – touristic spot

If ever all this resting and sunbathing bores you, there is always an alternative that may interest you. The main tourist center, the Hydra Town, offers inspiring exhibitions in the Historical Archives Museum and a lively nightlife. For those who are more into history and sightseeing, around Hydra you can find a few Bastions reminding of the glorious past of the port. It is worth mentioning that in the middle Ages, Hydra became an important commercial pole attracting rich traders and developing a fleet construction industry. These are the origins of the most of the Venetian mansions present on the island and of all the bastions mentioned just above.

Island’s wilderness and raw beauty started to attract tourists in the 1950s and 1960s but it hasn’t lost anything from its proper character. Located in the proximity of Athens and having an important port of its own, Hydra is a popular destination for weekend excursions and one of the most cosmopolitan islands of the Saronic Gulf, why wouldn’t you come to drink your Cosmo here?