andros lighthouse


The island of many faces – the sandy beaches, the rocky coastlines, the fertile plains and mountain ranges covered with green. Despite its majestic and wealthy nature, the island doesn’t snob you with a glitz. On the contrary, it remains in the shadow of big touristic centers at the Cyclades.

One could certainly describe it as a cultural tourism destination for the museums it houses are of the highest quality. Be it for the ancient and archeological exhibits as well as the modern art and unique collections of paintings and sculptures. You can have a really good time in between the natural beauty and the artistic one. The link between right here, right now and the past, reaching back to the Geometric period and the Neolithic times (4500-3300 BC), is much more seizable when you can experience both at the same place.

Although, Andros is not just about the culture and history, it is about the calm and beauty. In fact, its sandy beaches, the Agios Petros, Achla and the Golden Beach, are so photogenic, that no matter how bad photographer are you, a sunset photo will look just as if a professional did it. Besides, you don’t need much to enjoy the flora of the main island. Many hikes go through the untouched center of the island passing by the waterfalls, valleys and mountainous villages. Another way to experience Andros is windsurfing with the strong winds of the Cyclades. Not any other activity will give you so much energy and fun at the same time.

Hora – the main village

Home to the Greek sailor legends: captains and ship owners, Hora wears proudly the marks of its multicultural past. The architecture is a mosaic of the medieval, neoclassical and typical Cycladic style exploding in narrow streets, flights of stairs and a spacious central square. To highlight its aristocratic nature, the town’s main street is paved with marble and, every now and then, you may happen upon a carved marble fountain. Located on the eastern side of the island, it gives wonderful views to the Aegean Sea.

Goulandris Museum – one of cultural centers

The island of Andros previously described, as a cultural tourism site could not deny this claim. The Goulandris Museum of Modern Art is truly one of a kind and famous for its vast art collections. The quality and the quantity of exhibits can be compared to any respectful art museum in the world. At first, collecting works of renowned Greek artists and more precisely the sculptor, M. Tombros, the museum widened its exhibition platform every year. Today it can organize an inspiring art exhibition changing from summer to summer. Past ones included works of Klee, Chagall, Picasso, Matisse, Kandinsky and many others.

Korthi – an island within an island

Considered as part of the Andros island, Korthi is located east to Hora at the end of an open bay. The ruins of the Venetian castle tower upon it and patiently accept the insults of the wind. The visitors more attracted to magical atmosphere would probably prefer going around the island in search of villages hidden in the hills.

At the same time hikers and curious visitors may be satisfied with the Dipotamata Gorge going down the castle hill. On their way they will see watermills used in the old times to ground wheat but nowadays abandoned and left to perish.

The lonely lighthouse

The Tourlitis Lighthouse is an emblematic place at Andros and furthermore, in the Cyclades. This brave light, guiding the sailors through the night, is the only lighthouse built on a rock in the middle of the sea. Although, as Andriots are strongly attracted and linked to the sea, one may imagine that they would try to bring their land as close to the water as possible.