The Greek islands have been often used in films for its genuine beauty and perfect weather. If you think that only the most popular islands stared in big movie productions than you should come to Amorgos and, if you know a little of Luc Besson’s works, not a minute after your arrival to Agia Anna Beach you will understand that this is the island of the Big Blue.

However, you should not put a tag on this piece of land too easily. This is no Hollywood-type summer destination, on the contrary, Amorgos attracted many different kinds of visitors throughout the history; be it the pirates, the 19th century travellers and 70’s hippies. No matter why do you come here, for the reasons are as diverse as Amorgos’ architecture, you are always gotten by the wild spirit and raw nature of the island.

There is a special mystique at the southeastern edge of the Cyclades. Amorgos, unspoiled by the mass tourism boasts picturesque bays, ancient footpaths and stunning beaches with azure waters. Its virgin nature and a lack of media aspirations give you a total privacy during your stay. Wandering around its steep rocky land you will be able to slow down, step off the beaten track and discover the real beauty of the moment. The discoveries may go even deeper if you consider hiking and trekking on one of seven footpaths to the hilltops and rich cultural treasures – the views are astonishing!

Panagia Hozoviotissa

One might say “Oh, just another monastery!” although this one is considered as particularly miraculous and impressive. The Panagia Hozoviotissa is home to Byzantine icons of the Virgin, but it really is not what distinguishes it from other religious spots. Actually, this monastery is slotted into the rock, visible only from the sea. The way to reach the thousand-year-old main church leads up the steep narrow stairs, 300 m above the Aegean. Once you are there the view from the highest balcony and the labyrinth-like interiors of the Monastery will leave you speechless.

Agia Anna Beach

The reason why the Amorgos island attracted a cineaste like Luc Besson is clear as it can be. A beautiful and unique beach at Agia Anna gives you an endless panorama of the sea. Swimming or lying down on the sand makes you feel like the sky and the sea may become one in just few seconds. The name Big Blue suits this place more than perfect.

The taste of Amorgos

The local gastronomic specialties are the true ones you should not miss. The names like Xerotigana, Ladotyri, Patatato and Pasteli make your stomach growl and your appetite grow. These typical Amorgos’ meals are worth a try from the biggest picky-eater

Yet, the most famous specialty and an ultimate must-taste, is the local spirit, Psimeni raki, scented and seasoned with herbs. These trademark schnapps-like drinks can be toasted or mixed with honey, but one thing is certain: you can’t leave Amorgos without trying it.

Hora and it’s fortress

Built at the center of the island and naturally fortified, Hora of Amorgos offers you a stunning setting with scenic whitewashed houses and narrow paved alleys. Its location made it safe from the pirates’ eyes. The 13th century Venetian castle looking down at the city is the main, but not the only, sightseeing attraction. At Troulos you can find abandoned windmills and in Monk’s Mill (Kalogerikos Milos) you may make yourself at ease with a breath taking view over the Aegean.

The taverns and bars open their doors for you to have some rest in a cozy, homelike atmosphere but the city is not a dead one. A very common event on the island is an impromptu feast, gathering big groups of people, open to anyone willing to join.