Ruins of old church in Alimia Greece

Blue waters of Alimia in Greece
Coming to Alimia is the ultimate proof that the size does not matter when it comes to a Greek island. It actually is not even a real island per se. It belongs to the Municipality of Halki and remains uninhabited. This islet of wonders is the perfect destination if you dream of calm, relaxing holidays with little modern civilization and little people to disturb you.

Your stay at Alimia is not an extreme isolation, for the glorious Halki, and Rhodes islands are located really close. It gives you peace and secluded atmosphere without the insecurity of the next day. It really is hard to imagine that such a beautiful place can remain deserted in modern times when almost every tiny piece if land is dotted with human presence.

On the other hand, the island is not completely untouched by the civilization. The remains of the ancient and medieval world make it even more phenomenal to your eyes. Your imagination gets to run faster and projects the images of the old glory of Alimia, its inhabitants struggles to protect their land, and the strategic role of it to other Dodecanese islands. It is truly an inspirational place, where everything seems to be possible.

Alimia is an incorporation of liberty and peace. There is no other islet that gives you the opportunity to do anything you want to in that extent. The only limit is the Mother Nature, who put the island in working order according to natural rules, and became the real empress of Alimia. While seeing the fallen castle, ships and towns you start to feel really small and insignificant in front of the mighty environment. Respect quickly overcomes you and shifts the image of the world you used to keep in your mind until now.

Coming to Alimia is not simply a travel or a holiday trip; it is much more than this, something like a lifetime experience. You can’t forget it for it touched you in your inner soul changing it forever. Beware of this mystical power or surrender to it, for the stay at Alimia is totally worth it.

Antic remains of a great civilization

The historical past of Alimia starts already in the antiquity, with great shipyards and Hellenistic buildings such as the watchtower on the eastern side of the tallest peak of the island. According to some specialists, Alimia used to be the anchorage and observatory for the Rodian fleet. In fact, in Emporeiou Bay you can also visit the foundations of a shipyard, dating back to the Hellenistic Period. It really is an impressive sight transporting you through time, back to the Ancient Greek.

The inland ruins of once lively island

The Medieval period touched the island with the conquest of the Knights of Saint John who built a Medieval Castle in 1475. In spite of the fact that today, only ruins remain, it is still worth going to the highest viewpoint of the island. At 296 meters above sea level the panoramic view is breathtaking! You would not like to miss the opportunity to take a picture of it.

The ghost island

The army barracks and the church of Agios Minas left behind the Italian soldiers after the 1940’s, start to fall apart but you can still see and imagine how the every day life used to be like at Alimia. The emptiness of it makes it seem like a ghost town giving you a thrill while you wander around.

The shelter bays

The Emporeiou and Agios Georgios are two natural bays located on the western and eastern side of the island. For centuries these coves provided safe shelters to sailors. In Emporeiou Bay you can also explore Roman Tombs, and an early Christian Basilica.

Vast relaxing beach

Alimia may be tiny but it does not lack in attractions. Apart from historical sights and stunning views from the hilltops it offers a large beach where blue turquoise waters gently caress the coast. It is a perfect environment to swim and dive without being disturbed. There is no possibility for this area to get crowded and unpleasing.

If you are bored with the sea you can always go further inland where a salt-water lake awaits you.